Select Schedules > Manage Schedules.

The Schedules page allows you to run workspaces at specific times in the future on a repeating or non-repeating basis.

A request to run a workspace at a scheduled time is called a task. Each entry in the Schedules table represents a scheduled task. When a task is completed, its entry is removed from the table when the page is refreshed.

Tip: As an alternative, consider using the Schedule trigger on the Automations page—an easy-to-use interface for creating workflows to run workspaces or complete other tasks.

The Schedules page lists all the schedules created on the FME Server.

Tip: (fmesuperuser role only) To include any schedules that originate from Schedule Initiated triggers in Automations workflows, click Show Automations. To hide these schedules, click Hide Automations. The Automation must be runnning to appear here.

The columns displayed on the Schedules page are:

Adding a Scheduled Task

Testing a Schedule-Initiated Workspace

Viewing Jobs Triggered by a Schedule

Modifying a Scheduled Task

Enabling or Disabling Scheduled Tasks

Removing a Scheduled Task