Broadcast Messages

Select System Configuration > Broadcast Messages.

Use the Broadcast Messages page to post messages to your users. For example, a broadcast message is a good way to notify users about times when FME Server will be unavailable due to system maintenance. Messages appear in a banner at the top of the Home page.

You can also view a history of broadcast messages, including those that originate from Safe Software.

Note: To manage broadcast messages, including creating, viewing, and removing, you must be a member of the fmesuperuser role.

To Post a Message

  1. Click Create.
  2. On the Create Broadcast Message page:
    1. Give the message a Name.
    2. Compose the Message. Optionally, use the markdown tools to style the message.
    3. Select the Severity of the message. Info messages appear in blue text over light blue background, Warn messages appear in brown text over light yellow background, and Critical messages appear in red text over light red background.
    4. To post the message as soon as it saves, keep the message Enabled. Alternatively, you can disable the message, and return to it later to edit it and enable it for posting.
    5. Click OK.

To Edit a Message

Note: Messages that originate from Safe Software cannot be edited.

On the Broadcast Messages page, click on the message to open the Edit Broadcast Message page. Make the desired changes and click OK.

To Enable, Disable, or Remove a Message

Note: Messages that originate from Safe Software cannot be removed.

On the Broadcast Messages page, select the message, click Actions, and select Enable, Disable, or Remove, respectively.