FME Coordinate Systems

FME 2019+

What's New in FME?

Identifying Coordinate Systems

How FME identifies coordinate systems.

Key Concepts

Key concepts in coordinate systems and mapping.

Reprojecting Data

How FME identifies coordinate systems.

Grid Shift Files

Grid shift files included with FME.

Projection Types

Projection types allowed in coordinate system definitions.


Ask the FME community.


Guided exercises, with workspaces and data.

Training Videos

Free online training.

FME Terminology

Look up terms related to the FME platform.

FME Integrations Gallery

Use FME to easily move data between hundreds of apps, web services, databases, and file formats.


Whether you're dealing with tricky data, or need a productivity boost – FME can help. And with support for 400+ data sources, there's no shortage of possible uses.