FME Desktop Documentation

FME Authoring Tools

FME Authoring Components

FME Administration

FME Workbench

Guide to creating and running data transformation workspaces using FME's graphical authoring tool.

FME Transformers

Guide to using over 400 workspace tools that perform specialized transformation tasks.

FME Integration Console

Find out how to extend your "FME-ready" third-party applications to integrate with FME Desktop.

FME Data Inspector

Guide to using FME's viewing application to monitor the progress and inspect the results of your data transformation.

FME Readers Writers

A detailed technical guide to the many reader and writer formats available in FME.

FME Desktop Administrator's Guide

How to install and license FME Desktop.


FME Coordinate Systems

Everything related to coordinate systems in FME.

FME Quick Translator

Use this tool to perform simple, automatic data conversions.