Landmark Zycor Graphics File (ZGF) Reader

Licensing options for this format begin with FME Desktop Professional Edition.

The Landmark Zycor Graphics File (ZGF) Reader allows FME to read Zycor Graphics Files (ZGFs). The ZGF format is used by Zycor programs to store 2D graphics information.


ZGF is a two-dimensional (2D) system with no provision for storing user-defined attributes for the geometric data. A ZGF file has the following file name extension:

File Name Extension



Vector geometric data

The extension is added to the basename of the ZGF file.

A ZGF contains one or more Major Graphics Units (MGUs), also called pictures. A picture is typically a basemap or contour map, although nothing prevents other types of pictures from being stored. Each picture is composed of one or more Logical Graphics Blocks (LGBs), also called segments. LGBs contain things such the map border, a title block, a contour, a posted well, etc. LGBs contain one or more graphic elements. There are six kinds of graphic elements: polyline, polygon, text, marker, clip window, and application data elements.

Reader Overview

The ZGF reader extracts features from a file one at a time, and passes them on to the rest of the FME for further processing. The reader finishes when it reaches the end of the file.

Each feature returned by the ZGF reader has its FME feature type set to one of the following: zgf_polyline, zgf_marker, zgf_text, zgf_clipwindow, zgf_polygon or zgf_applicationdata.