VOIV (VoxelGeo OpenInventor) Writer

Technology Preview

Note: This format is still under active development, so please expect changes to the current behavior. Safe Software does not recommend using this format in production environments.

The VOIV (VoxelGeo OpenInventor) Writer module allows FME to write files directly in the VOIV format. VOIV files are a derivation of the OpenInventor 3d format, and so natively support three-dimensional geometry.


VOIV files are ASCII text files, using a nested grouping syntax to define geometry. The format definition only has a schema for basic geometric primitives, so complex types are stroked to their equivalent line or polygon. Additionally, aggregates, multis, and donuts are broken apart. These are grouped in the VOIV file for readability, but no actual grouping is supported by the file format. Attribute data is not natively supported, but arbitrary text strings are supported, which FME uses to store attribute data. Therefore, none of the attributes written by FME are directly accessible.

By convention, these files use the .iv filename extension, but the VOIV writer can use any extension.

Writer Overview

The VOIV writer writes all geometry and attributes to a VOIV file. All features will be written to the same VOIV file.