TetGen Reader/Writer

Licensing options for this format begin with FME Desktop Professional Edition.

The TetGen Reader/Writer enables FME to read TetGen Format (Poly, Node, Element, and SMesh) files.

The TetGen family of formats was developed for the TetGen tetrahedral mesh generator, which creates meshes suitable for numerical modeling and scientific computing. It can also be used as an interchange format.

Reader Overview

The TetGen reader produces FME features for geometry data in a TetGen file.

The TetGen Reader extracts all the geometry in a TetGen file and then presents the geometry described in the file to FME for further processing. In most cases, each TetGen file will create an FME feature. When reading tetrahedralizations from .ele files, however, each tetrahedron will create an FME feature.

Writer Overview

The TetGen writer supports two output formats: .poly and .smesh. Both require solids as input.

The value for the Writer Dataset is the path to the output folder. If the output folder does not exist, then the writer will create a new folder.

The output file will be created within the specified folder, and associated texture files, if any, will be written to the same folder.

For example, if the output folder is C:\TetGenFiles\house\ then the output file will be C:\TetGenFiles\house\house.poly. If the output file already exists, the writer will overwrite it.

Note: If any other applications have the output file open, then the writer will be unable to continue and the translation will fail.

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