Tele Atlas MultiNet Interchange Format Reader

The TeleAtlas MultiNet Interchange Format (TELEATLASCSV) Reader provides FME with direct access to data in the TELEATLASCSV format.


TeleAtlas MultiNet Interchange format data consists of two components: the date file and the schema definition file. This pair of files represents a TELEATLASCSV dataset. Unlike plain CSV files, this format facilitates the description of composite structures, where multiple values are aggregated to form a single element. The schema definition file describes the structure of composite elements and maps attribute names to the values in the data file.

The data component of a dataset uses the .csv filename extension, and the schema definition component of a dataset uses the .def filename extension. A TELEATLASCSV dataset is opened by choosing the .def file as the input file. The reader module will implicitly open a file with the same base name, but with the .csv extension.

If the corresponding .csv file is not present in the same folder as the .def file, the reader will fail.

Reader Overview

The TELEATLASCSV reader module produces an FME feature for each line in each the data file.