Smallworld 4/5 Reader/Writer

Note  The Smallworld 4 Reader/Writer format is available as the FME Translator through GE SupportCentral or your Smallworld reseller. (Request the Smallworld Translators Suite for your Smallworld version.)

FME communicates with a Smallworld session through a Smallworld FME connection service controlled by the Smallworld process.

To communicate with a Smallworld session, you need to specify:

  • the name, or IP address, of the computer hosting the Smallworld FME connection service
  • the TCP port number on which the service is running on that computer
  • the username and password for accessing the Smallworld database

Currently, FME can transfer the following physical, logical, geometrical, and join attribute types to and from Smallworld:

  • character strings (ds_charci_vec, ds_chari_vec, etc.)
  • floating point numbers (ds_float, etc.)
  • integers (ds_int, etc.)
  • Boolean (ds_bool)
  • vectors of float (ds_float), integer (ds_int), Boolean (ds_bool)
  • points
  • chains, with arc and circle sectors
  • areas
  • text features
  • date (ds_date)
  • text joins created for variable length text (defined as text_id)
  • join fields created for 1:n or 0:n join relationships