SQLite Non-Spatial Reader/Writer


The SQLite Non-Spatial modules provide FME with read and write access to attribute data held in sqlite3 database tables. This data may not necessarily have a spatial component to it.

Reader Overview

FME considers a database data set to be a collection of relational tables. The tables must be defined in the workspace before they can be read.

The reader can also read SQLite Views.

Arbitrary WHERE clauses and joins are fully supported.

Writer Overview

The SQLite3 writer module stores attribute records into a live relational database. The SQLite3 writer provides the following capabilities:

  • Transaction Support: The SQLite3 writer provides transaction support that eases the data loading process. Occasionally, a data load operation terminates prematurely due to data difficulties. The transaction support provides a mechanism for reloading corrected data without data loss or duplication.
  • Table Creation: The SQLite3 writer uses the information within the workspace to automatically create database tables as needed.
  • Writer Mode Specification:The SQLite3 writer allows the user to specify what database command should be issued for each feature received. Valid writer modes are Insert, Update, and Delete. The writer mode can be specified at three unique levels: at the writer level, on the feature type, or on individual features.