SEG-Y Reader/Writer

FME can access data in the SEG-Y format.

The SEG-Y format is a tape standard developed by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. The first standard was developed in 1973 and many modern variations exist.

The standard describes the layout of the binary data as follows:

  • a 3200-byte EBCDIC reel header
  • a 400-byte binary reel header
  • trace records consisting of:
    • a 240-byte binary trace header
    • trace data

By convention, these files use the .segy or .sgy filename extensions, but the SEG-Y reader can use any extension.

Reader Overview

The SEG-Y reader module produces an FME feature for each trace in the SEG-Y input dataset. The SEG-Y header is read and is represented by a single FME feature.

Writer Overview

The SEG-Y Writer writes all attributes of a feature to an SEG-Y file. Features of different types are written to different SEG-Y files.