SEG-P1 File Reader

The SEG-P1 Reader module provides FME with direct access to data in SEG-P1 format.

It presents the user with a layer on top of the existing FME CSV Reader including a number of transformers that specifically process the elements of a SEG-P1 file into shotpoints and shotlines. However, the SEG formats are a family of formats, so the processing may need to change slightly by modifying Workbench transformers.


SEG-P1 files are ASCII database files, where fixed-length columns are formatted in rows, and each column in a row is interpreted based on its column position and size.

The SEG-P1 reader is an abstraction called an FME Custom Format over the CSV file reader and provides additional geometry handling capabilities to read the shotpoints and shotlines stored in the SEG-P1 format.

As a Custom Format, the SEG-P1 format has no metafile or messages of its own. The FME feature attributes for each line of the file are the column values of that row.

Unlike the underlying CSV format, geometry information is stored as strings and is retrieved and automatically converted to FME geometries using various transformers. These transformers can be customized by editing the seg-p1.fds file in the default Workbench FME Datasources folder.

Note: It is recommended that the SEG-P1 format be used exclusively inside FME Workbench since this will produce the best results when using an FME Custom Format.

By convention, these files use the .seg, .seg1, or .sp1 filename extensions, but the SEG-P1 reader can use any extension.

Reader Overview

The SEG-P1 reader module produces an FME feature for each line in the SEG-P1 input dataset with the exception of header information, which remains unread.

This also means that although coordinate system information may be contained in the file header, it is not parsed or interpreted and thus no reprojection can occur unless the coordinate system is known and specified by the user in the FME user interface. The SEG-P1 reader reads individual files but can be given a list of several files to read in one translation.