Autodesk MapGuide SDL Reader/Writer

The Autodesk® MapGuide SDL Reader and Writer modules allow FME to read and write SDL files. The SDL file format is an ASCII format used with Autodesk’s MapGuide and other map authoring tools.


SDL data can be either two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D).

SDL files store both geometry and attributions. A logical SDL dataset consists of one or more files in the same folder with the extension .sdl. This extension is added to the basename of the SDL files.

The SDL reader and writer support the storage of point, line, and polygon geometric data in .sdl files. Output files contain only one geometry type to conform with MapGuide. The SDL format can also store features with no geometry. Features that have no geometry are referred to as having a geometry of none.

Reader Overview

The SDL reader first scans the selected file or folder for SDL files that have been defined in the workspace.

The SDL reader then extracts features from the files one at a time, and passes them on to the rest of the FME for further processing.

Writer Overview

The SDL writer outputs each feature type into a separate file in order to comply with AutoDesk MapGuide. Each feature has the following associations: vertices, a name, an ID, and a Universal Resource Locator (URL).