Regional Geographic Information System (REGIS) Reader/Writer

The REGIS Reader and Writer provides FME with access to the REGIS file format.


The following files are associated with the REGIS Reader and Writer. The topology file, however, is supported only by the Reader.

The following extensions are added to the basename of the REGIS files.

File Name Extension



The feature file contains the Geometric data.


This file contains the topological information of the feature file. This is supported only by the Reader.

The REGIS reader and writer data files support the storage of point, line, text, and polygon. Additional user-defined attributes are not supported.

FME considers a REGIS dataset to be a collection of REGIS files in a single folder.

Reader Overview

The REGIS Reader first scans the folder it is given for the requested REGIS files. For each feature file found , the Reader checks to see if the corresponding topology file exists. If it does not exist, a warning message is given. If it does exist, all the features in the file are processed. The Reader extracts features from the file one at a time, and passes them on to the rest of the FME for further processing. When the file is exhausted, the REGIS Reader moves on to the next file in the folder. Optionally a single REGIS file can be specified. If this is the case, only that REGIS file is read.

Writer Overview

The REGIS writer creates and writes features to REGIS files in the folder specified by the Dataset parameter. As with the reader, the folder must exist before the translation occurs. Any existing REGIS files in the folder are overwritten by the new data.

As features are routed to the Writer, it determines the file into which the features are written based on the feature type of the feature. Many REGIS files can be written during a single FME session.

Topology files are not supported by the writer.