RIEGL Laser Scan Database (RDB) Reader

Licensing options for this format begin with FME Desktop Professional Edition.

The RIEGL Laser Scan Database (RDB) Reader allows FME to access data in the RIEGL Database format.


A RIEGL Database (RDB) is used to store laser scan data from a RIEGL V-Line scanner instrument. The database is contained within the subfolders of a RiSCAN PRO or RiPROCESS project. The data in the RIEGL project may include a point cloud, a raster image, and/or a panorama view.

Currently the FME RDB Reader only supports point cloud geometries.

Point cloud data files contain P3D in the filename. A dataset consists of one *.rds file, which contains data, and one *.rdx file of the same root name, which contains an index to that data. Optional files may also be included in the dataset, including color data (*RGB.rds files) and timestamp data (*TST.rds files).

Reader Overview

FME considers an *.rds data file and an *.rdx index file with the same root name to be a dataset.

The index file is the source dataset. A color file and timestamp file, also with the same root name, will also be included if they are present. These files will add RGB and/or timestamp components to each point in the point cloud.

Each dataset contains a single FME point cloud feature.

The index is used for efficient access when clipping the input to a bounding box.

Version Notes

RDB point cloud data files have several possible versions, and FME supports all versions from 1.0 to 6.0.

RDB index files have two possible versions:

  • 1.0, which does not contain a bounding box for the point cloud, and
  • 1.1, which contains a bounding box in the file header.

The file version, along with other metadata, is indicated in the header preamble of each file.