Adobe Product Representation Compact (PRC) Writer

Licensing options for this format begin with FME Desktop Professional Edition.

The Adobe Product Representation Compact (PRC) Writer allows FME write geometries to the Adobe PRC format.

FME supports PRC version 8137, as defined in the PRC Format Specification.

This format is a binary file consisting of various kinds of 3D data, including trees of 3D entities, tessellations and shared geometries.1

Writer Overview

The PRC writer accepts null, point, curve, area, surface, solid, raster, multi, and aggregate geometries. It also supports shared geometry definitions. Surface geometries must be single-sided and can have appearances, texture coordinates, and vertex normals. Text geometries are represented by their locations. Point cloud geometries are represented by their bounding cubes.

Raster geometries must have at least three bands with respective interpretation values of Red8, Green8, and Blue8. Bands with the interpretation Alpha8 are supported and optional. The only texture wrapping mode that is supported by the PRC Writer is repeat.

PRC does not support color or appearance inheritance for shared geometries. Therefore, each differently colored geometry definition creates a new geometry definition in the PRC file. Geometry instances that share the same color will share the same geometry definition.