Google Sheets v4 Reader/Writer (FME Desktop Package)

This FME Desktop Package contains the Google Sheets v4 Reader/Writer. It supersedes the Google Sheets v3 Reader/Writer introduced in FME 2015. Google has deprecated the interface used by the Google Sheets v3 Reader/Writer.

To maintain functionality, workspaces must be recreated using the Google Sheets v4 Reader/Writer in this package.

Integrating this Format with FME Desktop

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The Google Sheets v4 Reader/Writer provides FME with access to text and numeric data stored in Google Sheets via the Google Sheets API v4. A single Google Sheet contains one or more worksheets. A worksheet corresponds to a feature type in FME. Columns correspond to attributes in FME. Rows correspond to features in FME.

To reduce ambiguity, this document will refer to a Google Sheet as a spreadsheet.


Google Sheets uses OAuth 2.0 authentication. For demonstration purposes, the package includes a functional OAuth 2.0 app Client ID and Secret, with access scopes applicable to the format.

Authentication is required, even when working with publicly accessible spreadsheets.

Reader Overview

The Google Sheets Reader supports reading any spreadsheet accessible to your account, including ones published to the web. For each worksheet, a bounding range of cells is defined based on the various parameters on the reader, and columns are mapped to user attributes based on column letters (A...ZZZ) or the values in the Field Names Row, if specified.

Writer Overview

The Google Sheets Writer supports writing to any spreadsheet for which your account has write permission. Rows may be appended to existing table-like structures on a worksheet, cells may be updated, and ranges can be deleted (cleared). For performance, all write operations are accumulated and submitted in batches at the end of the workspace translation.