The PHOCUS PHODAT (PHOCUS) Reader and Writer modules provide FME with the ability to translate PHOCUS data in and out of any FME format.

PHOCUS PHODAT is a published ASCII format, output by the Carl-Zeiss PHOCUS system.


PHOCUS files may contain both two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) features. PHOCUS files do not explicitly store attribute values but rather use a feature coding approach, whereby unique feature codes are assigned to different types of features stored within the dataset. FME looks for an extension of .pdt for the input PHOCUS files, but will accept any PHOCUS file as input regardless of the file name or extension.

The PHOCUS reader and writer support point, line, area, and text geometric data in PHOCUS files.

Each geometric entity present in a PHOCUS file is assigned an object code and an item code. Together these codes define the type of feature being read.

FME considers a PHOCUS dataset to be a single PHOCUS PHODAT file.

Reader Overview

The PHOCUS reader opens the input file and immediately starts reading features, returning them to the rest of FME for processing.

There are no user-defined attributes.

Each feature returned has its feature type set to the value of the features object code as defined by PHOCUS.

Writer Overview

The PHOCUS writer opens the output file and writes each feature it receives to it.

There are no user-defined attributes.