Northrop Grumman C2PC Magic (MGC) Reader

The MGC Reader module allows FME to read Northrop Grumman C2PC Magic files.

Technology Preview

Note: This format is still under active development, so please expect changes to the current behavior. Safe Software does not recommend using this format in production environments.

Reader Overview

The MGC Reader considers an MGC dataset to be a single .mgc file.

MGC Dataset Structure

MGC is a flat data format that consists of a single data file with a fixed schema.

File Structure

MGC datasets are text files that consist of a header block followed by an arbitrary number of features.

Header attributes are single line name value pairs, separated by colons.

Features consist of a type name and attributes contained in a multiline { ... } block. Feature attributes are sometimes multiline, either a fixed number based on the attribute name or a dynamic number using a embedded { ... } block.