Swedish Masik Reader/Writer

The Masik reader and writer modules allow FME to read and write Swedish Masik files. The Masik file format is an ASCII format used mainly in Sweden.


Masik data is strictly two-dimensional (2D) and stored in a dataset that consists of a number of files. A logical Masik dataset consists of any number of files in the same folder. There are no conventions concerning file extensions.

The Masik reader and writer support the storage of symbol (point), line, text, and polygon data. Each Masik file can contain either text, symbols, or linework (polygons and lines), and cannot mix these types.

Reader Overview

The Masik reader first scans the folder it is given for Masik files that have been defined in the workspace. The Masik reader then extracts features from the files one at a time, and passes them on to the rest of the FME for further processing.

Writer Overview

The Masik writer outputs each feature type into a separate file to comply with Masik file regulations. Each feature has the appropriate geometry associated with it – symbols also have an optional symbol type and vectors (lines and polygons) have an optional text attribute.