IBM Informix Non-Spatial Reader/Writer

Licensing options for this format begin with FME Desktop Professional Edition.

Note: Informix Connect software must be installed on the same machine as FME.

The IBM Informix Reader/Writer provides FME with access to attribute data held in IBM’s Informix database tables.


This data may or may not have a spatial component to it. Thus the Informix reader can read from Informix databases which may or may not be spatially enabled.

FME provides read and write access to live databases accessible via the Informix Connect driver.

Reader Overview

FME considers an Informix dataset to be a collection of relational tables. The tables must be defined in the workspace before they can be read. Arbitrary WHERE clauses and joins are fully supported.

Writer Overview

The Informix writer module stores attribute records into a live relational database. The writer provides the following capabilities:

  • Table Creation: The writer uses the information within the FME workspace to automatically create database tables as needed.