OGC IndoorGML Reader/Writer

Licensing options for this format begin with FME Desktop Professional Edition.

The IndoorGML Reader/Writer allows FME to access data in the IndoorGML format.


Note: This is a GML format, so this chapter assumes familiarity with GML.

For detailed information about how FME works with GML formats, see the GML-specific documentation:

This OGC® IndoorGML standard specifies an open data model and XML schema for indoor spatial information. IndoorGML is an application schema of OGC GML 3.2.1. While there are several 3D building modelling standards such as CityGML, KML, and IFC, which deal with interior space of buildings from geometric, cartographic, and semantic viewpoints, IndoorGML intentionally focuses on modelling indoor spaces for navigation purposes. (source)

Reader Dataset

When reading schema features or importing feature type definitions into the IndoorGML writer, the reader dataset parameter may be left unset.

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