Bentley i-model Interchange Format Reader

Licensing options for this format begin with FME Desktop Professional Edition.

The Bentley i-model reader enables FME to read i-models, which are single files that contain geometry, properties, and business data.

The Bentley i-model Reader allows FME to access files used as an interchange format for Bentley and third party applications.

Format Version and Information

FME supports i-models with a file extension of *.i.dgn which most applications and plug-ins will generate by default.

Note: FME does not currently support i-models with a file extension of *.imodel. Please contact FME support if you require this enhancement.

Reader Overview

The input dataset is a Bentley i-model file. The reader will create Features that represent the Elements contained within. Each Feature will contain attribute values that represent the properties of a given Element.