IDRISI Raster Reader/Writer

Licensing options for this format begin with FME Desktop Professional Edition.

FME can access data in the IDRISI Raster format.


IDRISI Raster is the raster format used by Clark Lab’s TerrSet (formerly IDRISI) geographical information system. An IDRISI Raster will either store a single band (with potential for a palette) or an RGB dataset with bands interleaved in the order Blue, Green, Red.

Two files in conjunction define a conventional RST dataset: An .rst containing the raw image file, and an .rdc containing the description of the raster.

Two additional sidecars may also define the dataset if they are necessary: An .smp containing a color palette for the dataset, and a .ref containing geographical reference data for the dataset.

FME Raster Features

FME raster features represent raster data and use several concepts that are unlike those used in the handling of vector data. The topics below describe how FME processes raster data.

About FME Rasters Tiling and Mosaicking
Raster Properties Band Combining and Separating
Band Properties Band and Palette Selection
Palette Properties Raster Processing
Compression Raster versus Vector Features
Pyramiding Raster File Naming
Interleaving World Files
Interpretation and Data Type TAB Files
Palette Resolution