U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Geospatial Data Reader

EPA Geospatial is an XML-based file format produced by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

More information about this format is available at:


The XML schema file for this format can be located at:



An EPA Geospatial XML file is divided into two components:

  1. Header: This section contains some general information about the EPA and the purpose of the XML document, including the date it was produced.
  2. Facility List: This section contains a list of facilities compiled by the EPA. The information that can be provided for each facility includes: name, address, (including street address, ZIP code, state), electronic address (typically a URL), latitude/longitude and CRS datum name. Additionally, each facility is accompanied by a list of EPA programs that are in effect at the facility.

Reader Overview

The EPA Geospatial reader module produces an FME feature for each facility in the data file.

The header information is ignored by the FME reader.