Continuous Acquisition and Life-Cycle Support (CALS) Reader

Licensing options for this format begin with FME Desktop Professional Edition.

The CALS reader provides FME with access to data in the CALS format.


In general, a CALS raster is an efficient way to store a purely black-and-white raster while retaining orientation metadata.

A CALS Type 1 raster is black-and-white with a bit-depth of 1. A CALS raster is defined by a 2048-byte header, as described in MIL-STD-1840.

The CALS dataset is exposed as a raster with a 2-entry palette, with 0 mapped to white (RGB=255,255,255) and 1 mapped to black (RGB=0,0,0).

FME Raster Features

FME raster features represent raster data and use several concepts that are unlike those used in the handling of vector data. The topics below describe how FME processes raster data.

About FME Rasters Tiling and Mosaicking
Raster Properties Band Combining and Separating
Band Properties Band and Palette Selection
Palette Properties Raster Processing
Compression Raster versus Vector Features
Pyramiding Raster File Naming
Interleaving World Files
Interpretation and Data Type TAB Files
Palette Resolution