Esri ArcGIS Map Document Reader

Note: To use FME’s Esri ArcGIS® Map Document Reader, you must also install a compatible version of Esri ArcGIS. The bit version must be the same for FME and ArcGIS.

The Esri ArcGIS Map Document reader enables FME to retrieve data from Esri’s Map Documents and Map Packages.


The Esri ArcGIS Map Document Reader is based on the same technology as FME’s Geodatabase Reader; therefore any feature that the Geodatabase Reader supports is also supported by the ArcGISMap Reader.

With the FME Extension for ArcGIS or the Esri ArcGIS Data Interoperability extension installed, you can create a map document containing data from formats that are not natively supported by Esri. This ArcMap document can then be read using the ArcGISMap Reader.

Group Layers

The Esri ArcGIS Map Document reader will only read layers that exist on the root level of the MXD file. It cannot yet read group layers.

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