NMEA AIS – Marine Navigation Data Reader

Licensing options for this format begin with FME Desktop Professional Edition.


The National Marine Electronics Association Automatic Identification System (NMEA AIS, hereafter referred to as AIS) Reader provides FME with access to AIS messages that have been saved as a text or log file.

Note: All AIS messages types are supported except for some of the binary message subtypes. The full list of supported AIS message types is given in the Feature Representation section.

An online specification for the supported message types can be found at:


Reader Overview

The AIS Reader module produces FME features for all AIS messages found in a text or log file which contains AIS messages stored as ASCII.

AIS messages are decoded and then translated into FME features. Each AIS message corresponds to a FME feature type. The information in each AIS message will appear as attributes on the corresponding FME feature type.