Parameter Condition Definition Dialog

Use this dialog to set values depending on one or more test conditions that either pass or fail. If the conditions specified under "Test Condition" in the top-row test (the "If" row) are true, the value specified under "Output Value" is output. If the conditions of the test are false, the next test row ("Else If") is applied, and so on for all "Else If" rows. If the test conditions of all rows fail, the Output Value specified in the bottom row ("Else") is applied.

To enter a test condition, double-click inside the "If" row, under "Test Condition," or select the row and click Edit. A Test Conditions dialog opens, which, in turn, allows you to enter one or more test clauses. This dialog is similar to the one for specifying test conditions when using a Tester transformer.

To enter an output value, double-click inside the row under "Output Value."

To add "Else If" rows, click the Add button (+). To remove a row, select it and click the remove button (-). To change the order in which a test is applied, click the row and use the arrow buttons.