FME Parameters

FME parameters reference a specific FME system setting. Obtaining a value from an FME parameter is often easier than having to define a value at run-time.

FME parameters have various uses, including:

  • Paths or folders might be used as a means to define the location of a file to be read during the translation; for example you might set an AttributeFileReader transformer to read a file from ($FME_MF_DIR)myFileName.txt.
  • Other parameters might be used to control the action of a workspace, or direct features to different parts of a workspace in order to process them differently. For example, FME_BUILD_NUM could be checked to ensure the FME engine running the workspace is sufficiently new; this could be of particular interest on FME Server where multiple engines might each be a different build number.

FME parameters are listed in the table below:

Parameter Description
FME_BUILD_DATE The date the installation running the translation was built.
FME_BUILD_NUM Contains the build number of the FME engine that is executing the workspace.
FME_HOME Expands to the folder where the FME executable resides. It includes a trailing slash, independent of the platform.
FME_HOME_UNIX Similar to FME_HOME, but in UNIX format
FME_MF_DIR Contains the name of the folder in which the current workspace resides.
FME_MF_NAME Name of the mapping file used for the translation.
FME_PRODUCT_NAME Name of this FME Desktop product release.

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